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E-Ledger Capital Solutions

What we do

We oversee provision of working capital finance through inventory and trade receivables securitisation (TRS)

Our Mission

To streamline and expand working capital availability, accelerating corporate cash cycles in order to enable SME businesses to trade, grow and create sustainable value


We combine commercial experience in international trade, SME business operations and financial management

We are building a digital working capital
finance platform for a new era.

As global trade and supply chains rapidly evolve, the
International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Global
Survey* forecasts revenues from global trade
receivables finance of supply chain inventory goods
could grow to £66Bn by 2028. Our vision is to modernize
the financing of this dynamic asset class with fintech
innovations and solutions integrating best practice
decentralised finance (DeFi), blockchain (distributed
ledger technology - DLT), smart contracts and tokenized
investment on a master servicer platform.

Source: 11th edition of the ICC Global Survey on
Trade Finance, 2020

“BCG Trade Finance Model, estimated global trade finance revenues, 2011-2028”

Ledger Capital Solutions’ innovative working
capital finance platform is coming soon.
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