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We oversee provision of working capital finance through inventory and trade receivables securitisation (TRS).

We design bespoke TRS for our
corporate SME customers as a
source of working capital finance

We structure and
facilitate the execution
of TRS transactions and

We provide a master servicer
platform for the
administration of TRS

Our innovative fintech master servicer platform will reduce costs of finance, increase speed of transactions, improve reporting transparency, and simplify administration.


Potential benefits of issuing TRS supported by Ledger Capital Solutions:


  • Lower cost of working capital as accounts receivables are pooled and subject to credit enhancement
  • Longer finance terms: 3-5 years compared to other sources of working capital
  • Diversifying financing sources with new investors and reduced reliance on bank borrowing or invoice discounting or factoring
  • Improving investor relations with a more sophisticated financial profile presented to financial markets
  • Financial derecognition of debt under IFRS rules, improving financial ratios such as debt equity, quick ratio and return on assets
  • Higher advance rates than those offered by invoice discounting or factoring facilities
  • Provides the capacity for direct investment using stablecoin and other trusted, cryptocurrency security tokens


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