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Trade Receivables Finance (TRF) has been a mainstream ABS class since the 1990s, showing a steadily expanding volume of issuance and a widening investor base.


E-Ledger Capital Solutions will:


  • Invest in our SME clients’ TRS alongside other institutional investors
  • Assist our SME clients in meeting the requirements of a wide cross section of institutional ABS investors – from those investing in the senior tranches of public, rated transactions, to specialists investing in the lower end of a TRS capital structure in private, unlisted TRS or, even, in private bilateral warehouse facilities to be refinanced in due course with TRS, and collateral pools from non-traditional sectors and originators.


E-Ledger Capital Solutions is establishing a blockchain based TRS master servicer platform which provides:


  • pre closing analytics support
  • all orthodox master servicer analysing, monitoring and reporting roles
  • capacity for direct investment using stablecoin and other trusted, cryptocurrency security tokens.


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